A side trip to Santa Fe

A side trip to Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, NM

25 April – We rise to good but windy weather. The car got blown around as we climbed to 5000 ft on the I40. We were followed by a big red truck (reminded me of the movie Duel) but we managed to shake him as we exited to Santa Rosa where we drove some more R66 and stopped at a cool Motor Museum, even Debi liked it. Inside was my all time favorite a 1957 F Body Chevy Camaro.

We then made our way to Santa Fe where the landscape changed dramatically, lots of flat top hills and long gullies where you might expect to see Indians waiting to ambush a wagon train. As we approached the city the dwellings were all “adobe” style and we found out later that this is the only allowed construction under the Sante Fe building code. Arriving downtown the streets narrowed and the city had a very ancient feel as we pulled up at the historic La Fonda Hotel, our accommodation for the next two days.

26 April – The weather is wet today and there is a chill blowing of the snow capped peaks. We forgo our plans to visit some Pueblos and head towards the Buffalo Thunder Casino. We spend a few hours here then leave as we are not allowed to consume alcohol on the floor. Back in town we have a very nice Tapas lunch then do a cultural tour of the city. After a good dose of history we head towards Canyon Road which houses some 200 odd galleries. Back to our hotel we light the wood fire in our room and settle in for the night.


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