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Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago

Downtown Chicago
Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Left LA on the 17th so we could spend some extra time in Chicago, however United Airlines screwed us over with a 3 hour delay due to a broken aircraft. Once on board they apologized profusely and gave us free drinks for the entire flight which helped a little. On arriving at Ohare Airport it was massive and we finally got to our hotel at 7.30pm having also lost 2 hours to time zones.

Out to dinner and we had the best steak and lamb we have ever set our eyes upon however the portions were so massive most of our meal was wasted.

After a late night we are both still trying to overcome jet lag. With very little sleep we awoke to snow and a very cold day. We visited Navy Peir and went shopping in the city (probably one of the best city’s I have ever visited). We froze our buts off but ended up in an Irish Pub for lunch to warm our cold extremities.

With the choice to do a city tour in the cold and windy conditions, or head back to our Hotel we opted for a retreat to the Hotel to prepare for tomorrows adventure where we hire a car at Midway Airport and hit Route 66. Lets hope it is not snowing tomorrow!


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