Off to Sky City then burn some more westerly miles
Holbrook, AZ

Holbrook, AZ

You may notice my blogs are somewhat late, this is mainly due to poor Internet connections and priority on planning the next days activities, however I will try to catch up.

This morning we leave Santa Fe and head towards the Ancient Acoma Pueblo known as Sky City. We bypass Albuquerque and the Rio Grand and exit towards the Sky City mesa, its a beautiful drive with rock formations and great scenery. We catch a shuttle and drive to the top of a huge rock formation lined with adobe houses, said to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the USA. This mesa-top village has no power or water and this is how the inhabitants want it to stay. The only sign of modern conveniences are lots of porta loo’s perched on the edge of the cliffs.

On departing we pass Fort Courage the home of F Troop then cross the border into Arizona and here begins the Navajo Indian Reservation. Further on is the Painted Forest, but we bypass this side trip as we have lost an hour due to crossing a time zone at the border.

Its getting late now and we have burnt lots of miles today putting us another half day ahead of schedule. We exit at Holbrook historically the hell raising frontier town and hit some more R66. We look at the Wig Wam Motel but decide to stay in more comfortable lodgings. Tonight we buy some nice crab legs from the supermarket and hit the sack early.