On the road to New Mexico (now past half way).

On the road to New Mexico (now past half way).
Tucumcari, NM

Tucumcari, NM

Today is my birthday yeah!!!

After leaving Weatherford in light rain and fog we drive some more R66 until we reach the Apache Trading Post where the road gets swallowed by the I40. Next stop is Clinton which has a fabulous museum and some good photo opps but of cause it is Sunday and it is closed, we take a few good pictures and head towards the Texas border and the small town of Texola. Next is Shamrock and the U-Drop Inn Conoco Station a definite photo opp. As we drive through Texas the weather clears and we spot miles upon miles of wind generators. R66 is very hard to follow here as it is mostly dirt track so we stick to the interstate.

The Texan landscape becomes sparse much like outback Australia, as be cruise across the Texas Panhandle on our way to Amarillo and the Big Texan Steak House, the home of the famous 72 oz steak (if you dare). We pull in for lunch and both have a 12 oz rib fillet and sides, It was a great steak and a very Texan experience. After lunch we take a few photos outside and we are approached by a Texan toting a piece, he offers it to us for a photo opp as we sit on a giant Texan boot. The right to bear arms is alive and well in Texas.

On the road again we head toward Glenrio featured in the Movie “Cars” and now a ghost town. We then cross into New Mexico and make our way towards Tucumcari, well known for it big R66 strip with many original neon’s and the famous Blue Swallow Motel. We book into another Best and Western and settle down for the night.


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