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Springfield Missouri ….looking for the Simpsons

Springfield Missouri ….looking for the Simpsons

Springfield Missouri ….looking for the Simpsons
Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO

Good weather this morning as we head off to Saint Louis and a very busy freeway system. After bypassing Saint Louis with only one wrong turn we head towards the home of the Simpsons, Springfield Missouri. My driving is now more confident as I exit of the interstate and venture onto verious parts of Route 66, however my sat nav is going crazy as it continually recalculates and we frequently get lost. Not that that phases us as we can always cut back to the Interstate as we move ahead.

We stop at a town called Rolla for lunch and take in a classic American take away, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Rolla is next to Fort Dixon and a heap of military folk. Guess what, the chicken was much better than what we get at home.

We drive a few more sections of Route 66 then start getting tired as we have been on the road for six hours now, so we decide to head towards our accommodation for the night, the Marilyn Monroe themed room at the Great Western Post and Rail Motel in Springfield. On arriving we find out that the Australian Route 66 tour group is also staying the night with a heap of classic cars pulling into the motel.

Deb and I head off to get a few supplies for the night and come across Snow Crab at $6.99 a kilo, so we buy two kilo plus some alchacol to wash it down. I can tell you that this is the best crab I have ever had. The equivelent in Australia would cost $50 and be frozen and tasteless.

Tonight we finally shake off Jet Lag with a full 8 hour sleep.


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