Today we head west with no planned destination
Weatherford, OK

Weatherford, OK

After another night of storms we woke to find that Saint Louis had been hit by a Tornado (lucky we were 3 hours west), it seems we have been outrunning them for quite a while now. We head back to the I40 and make our way to Tulsa.

The weather starts to clear as we decide to do some more R66 and exit into Reno, here we drive quite a few miles on the historic route and pass the Fort Reno Gates. Back onto the I40, we exit again, drive some more historic road and pull up at Stroud where we were considering staying the night. Still to early in the day, we have lunch and head toward Oklahoma City and it is still raining. On taking another wrong exit we catch some traffic but it is not long before we clear this huge city and it’s multitude of toll-ways.

As the afternoon marches on and we start to tire we exit at Weatherford the home of one of the Apollo astronauts and a large installation of Wind Turbines. Weatherford boasts the longest row of shops along R66 and also boasts to have a Chinese restaurant rated in the top 100 in the USA. We have dinner at the restaurant and head back to the Mark Hotel for a well earned rest after our 7 hour drive. We are now half a day ahead of schedule.

This evening I recieve birthday wishes from Australia but due to the time difference, my birthday is not until tomorrow.