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Day 11 – Albany to Yallingup (Margaret River)

Day 11 – Albany to Yallingup (Margaret River)

Day 11 – Albany to Yallingup (Margaret River)
Yallingup, Australia

Yallingup, Australia

Todays Challenge – Not to have a challenge as we can’t think of one.

We depart Albany without seeing a number of attractions we hoped to see (perhaps this may be a reason to return). As predicted the weather is stormy. We refuel and hit the highway as it begins to rain, we try to outrun it for the next two hours, The countryside starts to morph into dense red-gum forest and this part of the journey becomes a very interesting drive as we are overshadowed by giant trees.

We pass a German cyclist in the middle of nowhere; how do we know he is German? He is wearing black socks and sandals.

As we approach Pemberton we see wineries and boutique accommodation around every bend, this is beautiful countryside. We stop in the town for a stretch and some morning tea then head off to Margaret River via a number of dog legs as there is no direct route.

Today we are having lunch at Voyager Estate, some 15 minutes south of Margaret River. We pull in early but the estate is under renovation. They have set up a huge tent on the side of the vineyards and we do some wine tasting before sitting down to lunch. It is rather hot and we ask if they can open some windows, We have a lovely meal washed down by some fine wine then head off to Leeuwin Estate before driving to Yallingup.

We get a little lost but finally find Windmills Break our accommodation for the next two nights. We could get to like this place. The locals say beware as it gets under your skin.


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