Day 19 – Ceduna to Kimba

Day 19 – Ceduna to Kimba
Kimba, Australia

Kimba, Australia

Todays Challenge – To discover what the township of Wirrulla has as its secret.

Today we are leaving late as we have deliberately planned a short 4 hour drive. Rod has a long shower and heads down to the servo to refuel and grab some bait as we are going fishing. We both have breakfast at the Hotel then rigg the fishing rods and head off to the Ceduna Jetty. Its a beauitful morning and the water is like glass. There is one problem when the weather is good, you dont catch fish and we dont even get a bite. We dont care, as fishing is not about catching fish and we both spend the next hour talking about our holiday so far.

We head back to the Hotel and check out at 10.00am. Rod spots a broucher at reception with directions to the wholesale seafood outlets at Thevenard just out of Ceduna and we make a beeline in that direction. The first outlet is closed and we spot two Grey Nomads camped outside waiting for them to open. We drive around the corner and have better luck. They have no crayfish but have heaps of King George Whiting and Spencer Gulf Prawns. We buy some prawns and head off as it starts to rain.

We drive toward Wirrulla which is on the inland road and surrounder by grain farms . Rod turns off the highway into the town centre looking for the towns secret. It not long when he spots a jetty in the middle of town with a dingy moored to it resting in the dust. We are no where near the sea, so whats this all about. We take a photo and have passed todays challenge.

We bypass Minnipa but decide not to take the 26km sidetrip to see the Phildapa Wave Rock, its only claim to fame. We stop for lunch at Wudinna which is some 60Km inland from Cowell and Rod hopes to snag some Coffin Bay Oysters but they only serve them for dinner, so we both decide on King George Whiting.

We arrive at Kimba our destination for the day at 2.30pm, and you wouldn’t believe it, we have missed the craft fare, we are both shatered. This town claims to be half way across Australia; we’d like to know their Point A and B. Kimba’s the only town along the Ceduna – Port Augusta stretch that has made a half-way effort to accommodate tourists, so maybe that’s the meaning behind their sign? We check into the Kimba Community Hotel, the only one in town and they put us into one of their boutique rooms which are located in the original town Post Office. It is vey quaint.

We decide to do a walking tour of town which passes the Museum (closed of course), the Big Galah, a ****** Gem shop and a number of historic buildings. After our walk we wash down some more dust with a few cold beers before ordering dinner. Rod manages to snag some Coffin Bay oysters and he is happy.


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