Day 3 – Broken Hill to Port Augusta

Day 3 – Broken Hill to Port Augusta
Port Augusta, Australia

Port Augusta, Australia

Todays Challenge – To spot some dolphins frollicking in the Spencer Gulf

Although we are only traveling for five hours today we decide to head off at 7.30 am as it is Anzac Day and nothing is open. Rod washes the bugs off the front of the car and we search for a servo. We pass three but they are closed and Rod creates the cardinal sin wheand says “we will refuel down the road”. Rod checks the on-boad fuel computer and it indicates we have 250km to empty. We spot a sign that tells us that the next main town is 240km away. “That’s cutting it close” we both say. We hit the tiny town of Cockburn and it has a single fuel bowser with nothing marked on it. Rod asks the girl in the store (who happens to be from Brisbane) what sort of fuel she has in the tank and she doesn’t know, so Rod sniffs the bowser nozzle to make sure its not diesel. It’s not so we put $20 in the tank as a safety margin and head off.

The outside temperature is starting to drop and soon hits 12 degrees. We finally arrive at Yunta with not much left in the tank and refuel. Deb buys 2 bacon and egg rolls for breakfast and we pull into a roadside stop for a break.

We skirt across the top of Adelaide and through the south of the Flinders Ranges into a small town called Orroroo where we take a photo opp with an enormous 500 year old gum tree.

Soon we are weaving our way down the ranges into Port Augusta and the odometer hits 2000 km as we check into the Oasis Apartments on the fore-shore. We secure a room with a very nice view across the Harbor. We wanted to spend two nights here but can only secure one so we replan our itinerary. Debi rings Port Augusta Eco Tours to make a booking for tomorrow nights sunset cruise but they are fully booked, we decide to do a morning cruise then head to Port Lincoln. Go figure! Everything is booked and it is off season.

Deb suggests we head to the nearest Pub to wash the dust down with some cold beers. Rod agrees. An hour later we visit the Watalda Outback Center which is only a short walk away and well worth a visit. We head back to our room and the sun starts to set as we sit on our balcony drinking a glass of wine and consuming some scallops. Some time later we order King George whiting from the local fish & chip shop for dinner and enjoy some very fresh Spencer Gulf seafood.

We have not seen any frolicking dolphins and as such have not met todays challenge; perhaps tomorrow on the cruise.


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