Day 4 – Port Augusta to Port Lincoln

Day 4 – Port Augusta to Port Lincoln
Port Lincoln, Australia

Port Lincoln, Australia

Today’s Challenge – To consume 3 dozen oysters before the day is out.

This morning we take a walk along the foreshore at sunrise. We return to our room and Debi prepares a cooked breakfast consisting of bacon and eggs with champagne. We have it on our balcony watching the sun rise over the harbor.

We refuel the car then head to the jetty to board the Outback Eco Cruise we booked for 10.30am. This is a great trip and it heads north of the harbor instead of south, (check the map) this defies the local belief that there is no water to the north of the city. On heading off we spot 4 dolphins and one swims in the bow wave……… Doh spotting dolphins was yesterday’s challenge. We head north for 10 km before the Spencer Gulf becomes nothing more than a trickle. At that point we have the Eyre Peninsula and the York Peninsula on either side of us, only ten feet apart.

On our return we hit the road ASAP because we want to reach Cowell to do an Oyster Factory tour at 2.00pm. We arrive at Turners Oyster Supply at 2.10 but there was no tour so they ran one especially for us. Cowell is the biggest oyster produced in South Australia, even bigger than Coffin Bay. Turners, told us they had approximately 3 million oysters in the bay, not that anybody is counting. To put this in perspective there are nine oyster farmers in Cowell; 9 times 3 million, man that’s a lot of oysters. Debi purchases 2 dozen (a mere drop in the ocean) and we head to a picnic spot on the Harbor to try them out, along with a couple of Crown Lagers. Deb notes that they are very salty and wonders why?

We head further down the coast intending to visit Tumby Bay but gave it a miss as it was starting to get dark. We motor on to Port Lincoln Marina Hotel & Apartments for a two night stay. We unpack the car and head down to the Bistro for a seafood dinner overlooking the water. We consume a further 4 oysters with our meal which means we have missed today’s challenge by 8 oysters. Perhaps we could order 8 to take away? Sorry but we can’t possibly eat another thing!

Again Rod is unable to update the blog as there is no Internet access to the apartments. Haven’t they heard of WiFi bridges? In fact Internet access has been dismal to date…….roll on NBN.


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