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Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – UK 128

Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – UK 128

BEESMEJ will be launched on or about May 12. Commissioning will be on June 6. A five day “Shake-Down Cruise” will, then, take place, involving a member of the Manta Catamaran company. Maggie & I will be instructed on the workings of many aspects of BEESMEJ. The Cat will be sailed in Tampa Bay, with the Instructor going the various aspects of sail changes. BEESMEJ will have a mainsail, with three reefing penants; a self tacking genoa; a storm gib and a Cruising Chute. The latter will have a Smiling Pig, dead centre of this huge sail. Not having done this before, I will try and paste a photo of the Pig. If it shows as a small photo: please double click it. If it does not show, at all: it will be on another page.

The next briefing will occur after the commissioning of BEESMEJ.

The plan is to set sail for Key West on or about June 18.

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posted Sunday March 2008

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