Charlie’s travels – 17

ok its only been two days but loads has happened so bear with me!Spent the rest of my time in Seap Reap visiting some more temples – none of them really can beat Angkor Wat though! Went and watched the sunrise from a temple at the top of this huge hill, cant remember the name of it but I was literally soaked in sweat by the time I reached the top – very attractive! (Wasnt until I reached the top that I noticed the sensible people who had paid for an elephant ride up!) Booked a bus to Pnohm Penh that night which was leaving a 6:30 am (torture) Met this girl Heidi (yet another physiotherapist!) at the lodge who was also on the bus and so we have ended up travelling round together. Took 6 hours to reach Phnom Penh and when we finally did we were literally mobbed by Touts when getting off the bus – not just calling out to you like everywhere else I have been but literally pushing and shoving right in your face -It was madness! We took a gamble and went with these guys from a guesthouse on the lakeside. (I thought it was a bit of a dodgy bike ride from the airport in Siem Reap, but that was nothing compared to this – these guys drive like complete nutters!) Anyway its an awesome place and the guys are legendary – they took us out that afternoon to the Killing Fields and the HighSchool that was turned into a concentration Camp/Prison in the late 1970’s by the Khmer Rouge Regime (How do we not learn about this in school ???? ) Im not sure whether it was because of the prison or just Sams seriously crazy driving but I felt pretty sick after. Stayed in the guesthouse that night for drinks – the seating area extends right onto the lake so its perfect for watching the sun set – met some mad people that night – my favourite being “Moobs” – we nicknamed him this because of his horrendous Man Boobs (or maybe Im just jealous cos they’re bigger than mine!)- he is actually a police officer and still had his Radio on him! He couldnt speak English but I think even if he could he wouldn’t have been able to string a sentence together – he seemed pretty attached to this bottle of foul smelling whiskey! Today we went on a wander round the city – the Royal Palace was closed (typical!) but found some cool markets and went on a boat trip round this island on the Mekong where there’s a floating village – been walking all day in the heat so wehnt for a foot massage (by a blind guy – wouldnt dare let anyone with good eyesight anywhere near my feet – eeew!)Just had dinner at this rooftop bar by our guesthouse – its so chilled out here !
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posted Sunday March 2014

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