Charlie’s travels – Nepal 30

Well the Maoists dont waste any time – We’re 5 minutes into our trek (blimming roasting hot) and Im gaily walking along trying to converse with one of our Sherpas Ghising (I have a feeling he thinks we are a bunch of faffing women – he’s not too communicative..) when we walk past this little tea house where some guys are having a chat. (Kate quickly gives them an 8/10 , a rating system we established on our first night) when everyone stops and Dhan our other sherpa whispers ‘maoists’. I was hoping for a bit more excitement (at least a gun or a suspicious bag) but these guys are the friendliest people! They charge us 100rs for each day we will be trekking and they even give us a receipt so if we get stopped again we dont have to pay twice! So after a bit of a chat we are on our way (talk about an anticimax!)

They wernt joking when they said this day would be tough – when I casually ask where abouts we are heading for lunch Dhan points to the very top of what I would call a mountain but which they call a small rise. my jaw drops. I blame it mostly on the heat but by the time we reach lunch I am a sweaty dripping red mass of jelly – even the locals carrying huge cages of chickens on their backs are running up faster than us!

Luckily its only another 2 hrs after lunch. We stay at a lodge in Banthanti on the edge of the “small rise” looknig right dwon the valley to Fishtail mountain, a tiny peak in the distance. I make some friends with the use of my tony blair playing cards (thankyou clare!!!! they think they are hilaious – you are now responsible for the political education of three tibetan refugees!) And in return I am taught a few Magic tricks – get in!

Horrible encounter with squat toilet – I have images of Matt doing an Ace Ventura impression.. do not go in there – say no more.


Dhan, Ghising, pinky, Em, Pinkys brother, mother, Veemal

(pinky and her brother pay 2400Rs a month to live at the lodge and sell their Tibetan jewellery – blimmin good saleswoman she is!)
Posted from Nepal:

posted Monday April 2006

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