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Today I was a “Clergyman” at one of the most unusual weddings I have ever attended. image5.jpg

It was ironic, since I don’t even believe in clergymen. Linda was the “Pastor’s wife.” Balloons were everywhere. A bright purple, red, and pink tinfoil ball hung from the center of the ceiling.The best man was an ex-bodyguard whose appearance was scary.


The bride came down the aisle escorted by a large African woman. And when I say large, I mean  NBA-large. 


After the wedding she let out a bloodcurdling whoop that nearly stopped my heart. Three Bob Jones University graduates sat together at one table. They were the only ones with sour looks when Allen, the maid of honor(a girl, don’t ask me why she was called Allen) got up and said she had loved watching Suzzy and O’Neal grow in the L-d, being patient with her when she was up, and even patient with her when she was quote unquote “pissed off.” Nobody laughed, so Linda and I just choked it back

.image1.jpgimage3.jpg .

We left and settled into our cozy apartment complex of over 300,000 people. image6.jpg

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Alison Trotter
Hi Ya’ll 🙂 Just wanted to say hi again. Time for another travel blog post, no? 🙂

04 Jun 2007
Alison Trotter
Hi Ya’ll 🙂 Just wanted to say hi again. Time for another travel blog post, no? 🙂

04 Jun 2007
Alison Trotter
Hey Ya’ll!!I’m up late still putting the finishing touches on Tyler’s Birthday Bash tomorrow. 🙂 wooohooo! Wish ya’ll could be here, but it sounds like you’re having an interesting
time over there in China. I’m so glad you got this travel blog up now! Have a
great day! -Ally

28 May 2007
Jonathan Lindvall
Hi Dan. this is great! I wish I could have been there. I finally was able to get your text and photos by forwarding the original to myself elsewhere. I’ll be watching for more of your “travelblog” posts.

26 May 2007
I’m glad to see you have a travelblog! It’s neat to see the pictures of what you experience.
We got to Spring Hill last night with no problems – all of our stuff fit into three cars.

26 May 2007

21 Jan 2007

21 Jan 2007
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

posted Saturday May 2007

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