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Emily – Cadiz! – Spain 4

Emily – Cadiz! – Spain 4

image1.jpg   The first day with Jenny.  She is one of my best friends here!


image10.jpg  A view of the beautiful buildings from another building

image12.jpg   Jon, Michael, Jenny and me on the second night.

image13.jpg image14.jpg image15.jpg image16.jpg image17.jpg  These are all pictures of the house. My room, the balcony from the outside, the dining/living room

image11.jpg  La playa de Santa Maria, where I spend most of my time

image18.jpg   La cocina (the kitchen)

image19.jpg image20.jpg  Mis padres in Cadizimage21.jpg  My sister Vanessa, Mike and I

image22.jpg  Mi hermana (sister) y yo (me)image23.jpg Vanessa y yoimage6.jpg

image24.jpg  Jenny, Vannessa y yoimage25.jpg  Jenny, me and some random people we met!

image26.jpg  Vanessas friends; Maribel, Raquel, Claudia

image3.jpg  5 different host moms; this was our first night here and we went out to dinner. My mom is on the far right. My moms name is Mari and my dads name is Manuel, pronounced (Manolo)

image4.jpg  Us 5 out to dinner with our host moms

image5.jpg image6.jpg image7.jpg  You can see how narrow the streets are in this photo. Can you believe cars drive down them?!image8.jpg  A random street. Most of the streets looks like this

image9.jpg  Another view of the dining room. Our apartment has one bathroom, one kitchen, one dining room, and 3 bedrooms.  Most of the time there are only 5 of us, but sometimes there are 6!  Its a small little place but its home to me here!

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posted Sunday September 2007

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