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– Italy 19

Hi everyone!Apparently my 2 e-mails did not “send” because I wrote a couple days ago from Florence. I’m so sorry that happened.Thank you all so much for writing! I really appreciated hearing from you. It means a lot to me and I miss you all very much. Yes, everything is wonderful here…INCREDIBLE is more like it!! The tour was finished on Sunday morning. My roommate was a wonderful Ukranian woman who teaches Russian for the U.S. military in Colorado Springs, CO. Shewas the perfect roommate for me…well traveled and educated. But I also made friends with several others and we did a lot of the extra stuff together, several of them who are also staying in Rome extra time, as I am. I reserved 4 nights here at the youth hostel (get this name) “The Beehive”…in Rome, and this is where I am now for 4 nights forsome much needed R&R! My whole body and mind are numb! No amount of walking or preparation would have been enough. Being in such a huge city as Rome…2 million people plus, what seems like 8 million tourists! I keep wondering what the summers must be like here…unbearable, I’m sure! The tour was a speed-trip through the best areas…so far, my favorites have been the San Gimignano, the Panteon, the gelato, Venice at night, all the little shops everywhere…the gelato, the ruins everywhere, and of course, the gelato! What’s neat is that here, everytime you turna corner, it’s absolutely stunning and mind-boggeling, and jaw-dropping! Nooks and crannies of awsome, beautifulshops and people everywhere. We visited the Trevi Fountain and threw in coins each time (just to make sure thatwe return)! There’s so much to see here…one trip is NOT enough! So far, I’m healthy & happy (although a little homesick (I suppose that’s normal). I have learned more of the language & quickly! I hope you are all well. Ciao, ciao… from bell’ Italia! Love Mom & Donna (depending on who is reading this)

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posted Monday March 2007

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