Justin Condon Into The Wild, Part One 7 July 2008 – Chile 6

Into the (Bolivian) wild… the Pampas and the Amazon

Pic 1: We take a puddle-jumper out of La Paz, over the mountains

Pic 2: As we begin to descend, mountains give way to lowlands

Pic 3: And as sun rises, we see jungle

Pic 4: This runway makes even the worst I have seen in Ohio look good!

Pic 5: We say farewell to civilisation and drive into the wild

Pic 6: Our third mode of transport today, a boat to get to the final camp (Matt in forefront)

Pic 7: A veritable plethora of animals came out to greet us… starting with a Capybara family

Pic 8: Not sure if this guy was stranded or sunbathing, but either way, was not in any hurry

Pic 9: Just as comfortable accomodating 3 to a branch…

Pic 10: A White Heron takes flight

Pic 11: And there were alligators just about every few meters…

Pic 12: …along the riverside, looking only too ready to scoff the lot of us!

Pic 13: And every manner of monkey in the trees… these ones of the more punkish variety!

Pic 14: A break to observe fresh-water dolphins, and not to be outdone, Hannah strikes a Ms. August pose 😉 Ronny, Hannalie, Hannah

Pic 15: The boats are moored for the evening…

Pic 16: …at our camp for the next few days

Pic 17: You didnt need to ask me twice if I could get used to the “hammock” lifestyle!

Pic 18: Sunrise over the pampas

Pic 19: The wetland areas… home of cobras, rattlesnakes and our target… anacondas!

Pic 20: Hernando handles a cobra that somehow I spotted in all the greenery

Pic 21: The alligator graveyard… not sure what happened these… not sure I want to know

Pic 22: Measuring up for a new pair of leather boots 😉 Hernando, Me, Ronny

Pic 23: Taking a breather after a hard mornings snake-wrestling…

Pic 24: Hannah braves the river… with both alligators and pirhanas sharing it with her! Hannah, Ronny

Pic 25: Sunset over the river… ending the day much as we began

Pic 26: Except with a few beers in hand… Hannah, Hannalie, Matt

Pic 27: Our boat as we move from Pampas to Amazon proper

Pic 28: Up the river, into increasing wilderness

Pic 29: Some local kids traversing the river on what looked like a door!

Pic 30: Our home away from home in the Amzon

Pic 31: The canopy above

Pic 32: Could YOU discern a way through here??

Pic 33: Our guide, Ediberto, leads the (not so obvious) way into the jungle

Pic 34: Another snake encounter

Pic 35: A naturally forming tree… only find these sorts of things in nature…

Pic 36: “No play for Mr. Grey!!”… looks like someone needs some “just for men” brush in facial hair dye

Pic 37: Remind you of the final scenes from Apocalypto?!?

Pic 38: Pretty to look at, but am sure we wont like the owner / creator

Pic 39: One of MANY spiders we saw in the jungle… this one a tarantula

Pic 40: A more manageable cousin, but just as deadly

Pic 41: David Attenborough moment… the ant superhighway!

Pic 42: Justin of the jungle!

Pic 43: The much-anticipated “Mr. August” pose… not to be outdone by Hannah, I had to take a dip here

Pic 44: Our last day in the jungle… Hannah, Hannalie, Ediberto, Matt, Me

Pic 45: Who looks happy to be getting the hell out of here?!?

Pic 46: Adios Ediberto! (left heartbroken after Hannah, might I add!)

Pic 47: I guess everyone was happy to be moving on… as much as it was a fantastic experience

Pic 48: Before flying back to La Paz, a littel hungover from our unexpected “extra” night here!!

Pic 49: Farewell to my roomie for the last week, and all-round kick-ass chica, Hannah

Posted from Chile:

posted Friday September 2008

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