i have lots more photos posted on ttp:// please go there and check them out im sorry about that!

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beeb and mags!! you guys sound like you’re having the greatest time on earth! thats wicked you’re joining a hockey team. show ’em how its done in canada eh. put up more pictures and dont die doing any stupid adrenaline junkie stuff. love you guys miss you

30 May 2007
when you post to travelblog you can add photos from flickr by
typing the flickrid and then choosing photos to add.
Please try it out!
Best wishes

27 May 2007
holly molly guacamolie!
darlings you keep on rocking your socks and enjoying that snow beacuse you are wonderful people! muah
im sorry im kinna drunk
SO TAKE CARE, AND BEWARE, of all them crazy people out there
looooooooooove xoxo

26 May 2007
If you have hundreds of photos may I suggest you upload them to You can then type your flickrid into and use the photos in your travelblog.

25 May 2007
and hi maggie too! think bronwyn wrote all this…but miss u both of course!!!

24 May 2007
and hi maggie too! think bronwyn wrote all this…but miss u both of course!!!

24 May 2007
Bronwyn!!! Wow, sounds like your having an amazing time!!!!! And I had no idea you were so good at descriptive writing! I cant believe how much stuff you have done already! Then again, it seems like you just left so…the mountain hike sounds the greatest so far…makes me wanna go…anyway, hope you’re doing good! miss you lots, sometimes I think of you, but then remember you’re away, and it makes me sad, haha. Everything is the same over here……k take care! muah

24 May 2007
Holy damn you guys have had some crazy adventures! Hey fatty, make sure to put some ice on that ankle, fatty fatty fat fat! Miss you guys, xo

24 May 2007
hey beeebrooo i miss you and eerything sounds in sane i actually read everything you wrote. haha i skimmed through it at first and then i was like fuck ill just read it and im glad i did. i cant believe you went bungee jumpinggg and your in nz. i watched a movie that was kinda about new zealand it was called whale rider it made me thinke of you haha . and i think im getting a newzealand warrior tattoo for my bday!!! put up pictures soon.
love, philly boy

20 May 2007

21 Jan 2007

21 Jan 2007
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