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Helen Bone
Hi bothLovely to here from you again. What an adventure all the different foods sounds very tasty, not keen on the beer a nice cold glass of white wine is more appealing. Same old here,we will be told soon whether we still have a job next week.
Take care of yourselves. Looking forward to the next blog entry.Helen xxxx

12 May 2008
Hi Mandy and Karl,We haven’t heard from you in a long while, hope you are both ok and enjoying yourselves???HAPPY B DAY Mandy, hope you are enjoying your day?Hurry up and write more

21 Feb 2008
Brian Drammis
Interested in your travels, please keep me up to date.We will be in Morocco in April.

20 Feb 2008
Hi Mandy,
Great to hear from you and to know that all is going well. It has seemed strange not to see you at Guides – or the pub!
We talked about the activities for our French trip last week and we’ll be jiving and dancing the mambo this week.
Last weekend Tim & I went to a 30yr University reunion. It was really great and weird at the same time. Although we all obviously looked older we still looked the same – in a strange way – and we all acted the same way! Very weird.
Anyway, do take care. Try not to get burnt again! Enjoy the next phase of the trip. I’ll look forward to reading the next blog entry.

06 Feb 2008
Hey- take good care and have lots of fun!!! Look forward to hearing all your stories…so where next??? Bet you are tanned already !!!Gailxx

06 Feb 2008
Hi Both,Good to hear all your news. Sounds like you are both having a great time. Just be careful as it’s dodgy out there at the mo. I can’t wait to see your piccies. Hurry up and get some posted!!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you both soon.

06 Feb 2008
Hi Mandy!
Thanks for sending through your blog – sounds like such an adventure! V jealous! (Getting too much sun? You, Mandy? Never!! :o)
Keep the updates coming! Kx

06 Feb 2008
Hi strangers,Has been a long long time sense we last spoke.Viv and Helen have send me the link so I can keep in touch with you too Hope that is ok!!!!
It is nice to hear from you .Im sending you my personal email address so you can email me there if you want Please send some pictures and keep in touch Miss you allot!Panda

05 Feb 2008
Hi you lucky people. Really enjoy reading about your trip. All this travelling around – Helen and I feel very jealous. Jenny back this week-end. Enjoy yourselves.

05 Feb 2008
Hello!So pleased to hear you are enjoying yourselves – I can tell those pesky Guide leaders that you are well and safe!!Make sure you keep us updated! & of course send your “where in the world in Panda” updates!

05 Feb 2008
Hi Mandy
Great to hear from you.Food and beer sound good and so does accomodation. looking forward to seeing some photos of the beautiful countryside,markets,beaches etc. Take care, Lynn and Graham

02 Feb 2008
Hey Mandy, I look forward to following your adventures via the blog:-)Great idea. Sounds like a mix of good and bad things happening, like all travel really:-)

02 Feb 2008
Lovely to hear from you. What a wonderful adventure you are having and not a suprise you and Karl went together. I can’t wait to see the photo’s. How long are you away?Jenny is back next week, it will be nice to see her again, hopefully she hasn’t forgotten us.Viv & Renarta send their love and to take care of yourselvesLots of love to you both
Keep in touchHelen

01 Feb 2008
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