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Hi everyone!  The computer was “down” here so I couldnt write till now.  Thanks for writing!  Mtn. Man…with no less than 12 blog-name suggestions…you always were good with names!  Deb, Trish, Dawn & Kay…I’ll be so happy to be back & see everyone.  And kids…why so quiet? (except Jody, who always was the writer in the family).   I’ve had quite a week.  I decided not to go back to Italy (too many ‘s), so was going to head up to the Pyrenees Mtns; however, this turned into the rainiest spring they have ever seen…major accidents with flooding…didnt sound like much fun.  Its beautiful here, so I stayed.  I’ve mastered the Valencia Metro, and am having a ball!  I’m mostly excited because I can say I have actually mastered a metro!  I went down to the port two days and watched the 32nd America’s Cup races…especially exciting because they show close-ups on live-cam…yesterday was between Italy & Germany.  I also splashed my feet in the warm Mediterranean water, and it is warm!  I have been attending the International Church of Valencia.  What a surprise!  Solid in doctrine, up-lifting in spirit, & enough “food” for more than a week!  It’s in English…yeah, finally I understand something here!  The first Sunday, I was suddenly with English-speaking people from all over the world, including England, Australia & America.  I sat near a girl who was also alone…here name is Naomi & she is a college student from Albany, NY studying here for a semester!  What a small world!   Well, I’m making final plans for my return home.  After church in Valencia on Sunday, I take the train to Barcelona, another train to the airport, & fly to NY on Monday…take-off is at 10:00am (which is about  4:00am NY time).  If all goes well, I should be home Monday night.  I have many stories to share, but my first task will be to get some rest, and then sort through all the pictures I have taken!   I left with one suitcase, and am returning with that, plus a large duffle bag!   Oh my, what a trip!!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!  See you soon…ciao, ciao!  Love, Mom/Donna    

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posted Saturday May 2007

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