Ayers Rock Resort & Tali Wiru

Ayers Rock Resort & Tali Wiru
Yulara, Australia

Yulara, Australia

We disembark at Ayers Rock Airport in the hottest part of the day (31 degrees). The humidity is low but the fly count is high, and boy are we glad we bought some fly nets.

We catch a coach to Yulara our home for the next two nights. Yulara or Ayers Rock Resort is a purpose built town consisting of three hotels two caravan parks and a town centre. Our accommodation is a place called Sails in the Desert and it is very impressive albeit a little run down.

We have a few refreshing drinks in the bar and wait for our special treat for the evening a romantic dinner named Tali Wiru located on a secluded sand dune 20 km out of town. We board a large 4WD vehicle looking much like a hummer and head out with 18 other guests to our destination.

On arriving we are greeted by a full blood aboriginal maître-de who escorts us to a viewing platform with Uluru at sunset as the backdrop. We have canapés and champagne to the sounds of a didgeridoo in the background being played by our white bus driver who reminds us of Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones.

We are then escorted to our table on top of the dune where we partake of one of the nicest de-gestation menu’s we have ever had. We are interrupted half way through with a talk about how the local Aboriginals interpret the galaxy. Its a pity we have a cloudy sky but we do make out a number of constellations with the help of the speakers laser light.

After dinner we walk down from the dining area to a fire pit where we have cognac and hot chocolate while listening to Aboriginal hunting stories. Its then back onto the vehicle and home.

What an excellent way to spend our first night in Central Australia!


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