Flying home to Brisbane

Flying home to Brisbane
Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

We sleep in again today as we fly out at 3.30 pm. On checking out at 11.00 am we leave our trusty esky behind and head to the Ducks Nuts Cafe for a Bloody Mary. It is just what the doctor ordered.

I have kept the car for an extra day so that we are free to drive around. We head off to the Hanuman Restaurant for lunch and we are the only ones there. We hope this is not a sign of bad food but we are not disappointed as we are served one of the best Indian entrees we have ever had. Our main was just as good and we both comment that we will miss the Darwin food as we haven’t had a bad meal yet with perhaps the exception of the Mercure Crocodile.

Making it back to the car just as the parking meter ran out, we jump in and head to the airport. Finding the Europcar bay was a sinch and checking in was even easier as this airport actually had staff at the counter. We headed up to the bar, purchased a couple of cold beers and charged our electronic devices before boarding.

On board the plane was chock a block and we were glad that we had purchased seats with extra leg room. Watching a couple of movies the time whiled away and It wasn’t long before we touched down in Brisbane with the feeling that both Central Australia and the Top End will be nothing but distant memories. I guess this is why I write these blogs as a reminder of what a fantastic time we had and to savour those memories for ever.


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