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Walk Into The Village

Walk Into The Village

We decided to brave the weather and take a walk to the local village this morning Soto De Real which was about 3 km away.

Saw this little car and topiary in a small garden centre which we thought looked a little different and worth stopping for a photo…

Also, found a couple of donkeys in a field…

…I think this one was a bit of a poser though.  ????

Finally made it to the village and found a little square with a small coffee house, so …when in Rome…

I didn’t however realise it was an espresso I’d ordered, it wasn’t the worst coffee I’ve ever had, so all good. Lol

When everywhere…

Apparently its quite rare to find a four layer icing cake. ????

Us being us, we stopped off at a little fruit and veg shop for a couple of apples for the donkeys.

By the time we got back there, they’d gone into another field, so we left them a surprise for when they came back… ????

We also found someone training horses which I took a quick snap of…

All in all a pleasent little walk together. ????



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