Well here we are in gp arrived at 930 last night it was a long and uneventful trip from Barrier well except when Cindy bang her head on the corner of the tv four times ouch and then a few rough patches of pavement causing the fridge to fly open and spilling it contents out on to the floor. It was suggested that I was driving a little to fast hummmm. We drove through the smoke until the junction at tete le Jeune. I tried to stop at a rest area in Jasper, Moose lake I believe, but couldn’t stop in time the trucker behind me was not impressed nor was Cindy. Something about speed again. We hit the junction at highway 40 it was a rough road until Grand Cache then not to bad from there on lots of hills and beautiful scenery. I’m learning that I can back up with the car in tow behind. We had stopped gas at a petro can I didnt think we would be able to get out of that small place but we did. Met with our friend Ely Brown just outside of Kamloops parked on the wrong side of the service road and had to find a place to turn around, looking at our Garmin it appeared that we could circle around the block so I proceeded to do so, the first obstacle was a great long train full of grain cars that took forever to pass and the I turned down the wrong rd ending up in a very small cul-de-sac. The only way out was to back up and go ahead and wiggle my way around the cul-de-sac. Our motorhome aka Sparkles has a remarkably short turning radius got out of the cul-de-sac and carried on. So here we are having a quite time with Chelsey Donahue, Ella and Malachi.

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