6 Beaches You Should Visit In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream vacation destination for its tropical rainforests surrounded by two beautiful coastlines. Costa Rica is home to dozens of different beaches, which are beautiful and unique in their own ways.

catamaran in Costa Rica

You cannot go wrong with spending a day, or even a few days, relaxing by the Caribbean Sea or the Pacific Ocean. Here are 6 of Costa Rica’s tropical beaches that you should consider stopping by at.

Manuel Antonio Beach

As part of Manuel Antonio National Park, this fascinating beach has had a long-lasting reputation of being one of the nation’s best. This is rather a “cliffside beach” as a high-risen headlands prevents the most powerful waves from crashing into the shore. The water, however, is usually very calm, which is great for families. The national park itself is also worth checking out, where you can get up close with sloths, monkeys, and iguanas.

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is a wonderful beach on the northwest end of Costa Rica. Just like Manuel Antonio, this is another great beach for family fun. This is a very popular beach for its soft sands and evening sunsets. Once you get here, you can easily see why people enjoy living and doing business at this part of Costa Rica. Besides soaking up some sun, you can ride on a catamaran in Costa Rica, go on a scuba diving expedition, and enjoy a meal at one of many restaurants. Despite its name, there are no flamingos to be seen on this beach.

Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa is a beach with excellent waves to ride for surfing. If you are up for a surfing challenge, this beach would be your cup of tea. Right by the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, this beach combines great natural visuals with a more adventurous vibe. Because of how much of an effort it would be to get to this beach, you will not find many tourists here, making it great for travelers who want to enjoy time in the sun without being surrounded by others who are trying to do the same. If you are a hiker or surfer, getting to this secluded area will be well worth it for you.


Tamarindo is another one of Costa Rica’s most sought after beaches. Tamarindo is also home to an attractive surf scene and nightclubs, which makes it an ideal beach for groups of teenagers and young adults. The town of Tamarindo is actually surrounded by Las Baulas National Park, making it preserve the life of the endangered leatherback turtle. Tamarindo is great for people who want a balance of beach, wildlife, and social interaction.

Playa Conchal

Lines with many acres of trees, Playa Conchal has some of the brightest, whitest shorts that you will find. You can go on a catamaran in Costa Rica, a snorkeling expedition and see a lively tortoise habitat. For some reason, this beach isn’t as popular as Playa Flamingo, Tamarindo, or Manuel Antonio, and there is only one lone upscale hotel nearby, which does not take away from the natural vibes of the environment.

Punta Uva

Truly a sight to behold, Punta Uva is a hybrid of the beach and the jungle. With palm trees that are hundreds of feet high, and remarkable golden sands, Punta Uva offers a breathtaking beach environment. Nearby are some refreshing restaurants and lodges that do not take away from Punta Uva’s splendor. In its lush forests, you might happen to find a selection of monkeys and parrots, so this is definitely a place where your phone or camera is a must-bring.

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