A Dreamy Weekend of Togetherness on the Distant Hills

A honeymoon is one such journey that lets all of us on a traverse of beautiful memories. And why is it always necessary that just the first journey is referred to as the ultimate honeymoon journey when we have a lifetime in front of us to celebrate togetherness through more honeymoon journeys!  I had been one such enthusiast who had been referring all the trips that I had gone with my husband as a honeymoon. And in just one year we had been on four holidays and on the successful first wedding anniversary, we were setting off for the next one as well. The less number of holidays had crumbled our desire for long distance honeymooning for which we are thankful at this moment. Most of the people are of the notion that only foreign countries are ever worth visiting for valuable money. This can easily be changed over if people ever decide to visit Nellyampathy and Dhoni that is located in Palakkad at Kerala. And these places are one reason that I have decided to spend two more honeymoons of ours in the coming years at Kerala. At least a travel package is definitely never enough to explore a place like that of Kerala.


We were based in Bangalore and it was not really a hard drive for us in a Scania bus to reach Palakkad within a night. In fact, we had a very comfortable journey despite that I had picked my husband directly into the bus stop as he had changed from his office itself. We got out where the tour planners, Lelagoon Holidays, had sent a car to us, which we boarded as they rode us to the hotel that had been booked. We took some real time in freshening up as I dozed off in the comfort that had been provided by the hotel at this time again, it just felt like our home at Bangalore. By 10 in the morning, we were fresh enough to eat some breakfast. And then we decided to start our drive up to Nellyampathy, which was the first destination that I had picked from the location. In fact, it was a complete surprise trip I had been hosting for my husband as a part of our first anniversary. And I was sure that the travel lover in him would surely let him enjoy the weekend at Kerala.

Both of us had a lot of friends from Kerala and we were sort of familiar with the names of most of the districts and were also familiar with the fact that this state was filled with the different shades of green in it.  In not more than 2 hours, we got to be swirling above the hills to reach our destination. Nellyampathy was indeed a place that would keep us cool, unlike the present heat that Bangalore had been giving us with. On the way, we got into Pothundi Dam. We got the entry ticket and began climbing the steps to the Dam. It was indeed worth the effort walking up through the steps as the view was perfect and the walkway was great as well. The weather added to the lovey-dovey feeling that was being channelized there. We walked as far as we could and returned back. I had parcelled some chicken nuggets from the shop from where we had had breakfast. As we got into the car, we began eating and offered the driver some as well. The next destination we had been visiting was the Seetharkundu viewpoint.

On the way, I got to see a board that referred to some flower shoe that had been taking place close by. By inferred to the driver, he said that we could stop in case we were interested. I had been looking out for some special flowers that I could grow in the balcony of my house at Bangalore. The driver dropped us at the entrance and asked us to give him a call when we were back. We took the entry ticket and walked inside where quite a lot of tourists had been viewing the plants and flowers that had been showcased. We followed the line and walked as we viewed each of it. Special flowers had been exclusively kept in one corner as well. When we asked the caretaker regarding purchasing them. He showed us a store at the end that sold the seeds and stems saplings. We purchased what we felt looked beautiful and manageable at the same time. In some time, we called the driver and kept all that we had got in the back seat and continued the journey to Seetharkund Viewpoint.  We reached the destination and parked the vehicle. There was a shop that is being run by POABS. It sold a lot of organics and natural kinds of stuff like honey and handmade soaps. We got some sandalwood soap and a small bottle of honey and put it in my handbag. And then the walk started where a large number of people who had come on the bus had been walking by our side as well. We reached a point where some youngsters had been busy taking pictures with monkeys. The fun part was that they had been posing to the cameras. It was indeed something that was least expected.

It was cold and slightly foggy on the hill. We got some selfies captured on the way. In some time, we reached the viewpoint from where we could literally see the verdant Nellyampathy. We sat in a quiet corner and talked until it started to drizzle slightly. The others ran to the parking lot. We were quite used to drizzles as Bangalore treated us well and good with it. We talked as we walked and decided to eat lunch. The driver drove to the hotel that had been reserved for our stay. We took the bags and went to the room to freshen up. And then went down to the restaurant that was attached to it. After lunch, we decided to go out on a nature walk. A farm was attached to the place where we stayed and they did not mind allowing people inside. We walked along the vegetations and when it was the time for tea, we went to the restaurant. It started to rain and the place looked beautiful through the window. We took the tea to our room and opened the windows. It kept us cold but we were glad that we were here to enjoy this fall that had been taking place. The night went by and in the morning, we set off to Dhoni waterfalls.

The bus we had booked to return back to Bangalore was at 7 pm. And Dhoni was the only place we had decided to visit on the day, as it was a whole day activity. We reached and from then we began to take the walk that would take us to the waterfalls. We followed the other tourists and then got to hear the sound of the waterfalls. It was a 4km walk to reach the waterfalls, which was lusciously white and had been cascading beautifully. The water was cold but it did not keep us away from a dip. We spend almost 2 hours there in one of the best places in Kerala and then decided to walk back. We had been drained out of energy by then and it was late for lunch. But then the driver drove us to Noor Jehan and from there we filled our stomach with tasty biriyani. We were taken to Malampuzha as we had some time to kill and an extra place was added to our tour package. It was a dam, which had quite some views to capture. A snake museum was located close by as well, from where we got to see some poisonous species of it. We got two masala dosas parcelled for dinner from a shop and when it was the time for the bus, the driver dropped us at the stop. The anniversary had indeed been celebrated through one of the best journeys ever.


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