Best Theme Parks in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates have developed in the past few decades like no other country in the world. It has made giant strides in almost all the sectors. Hence, people from all over the world are interested in not only touring this place but also to love in this art of the world. The job opportunities are very good in this place too. Which makes it not only a good place to live or visit but also moving there can turn out to be a great career move. Moreover, this is a great place for children too.

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UAE has many places which are specifically designed to bring joy to the kids. The educational system here is also commendable which makes this Arab country an extremely good place for the children to grow up. This article deals with some of the best theme parks in all of UAE which are a great source of entertainment for children. All the information that one might need about popular theme parks like Ferrari World, Global Village and IMG World of Adventure etc are available in this article. Moreover details about top themed parks such as img worlds of adventure tickets and the wow factors of other themed parks in UAE are also mentioned in this article.

So without any delay here are the top 3 best theme parks that anyone can find in UAE:

1. Global Village: It is by far the most popular theme parks present in the country. People from not only different parts of UAE but also different parts of the world also come to visit this park. This not only interests the kids but many adults too love to spend their time relaxing at this park. Host of activities such as shopping, eating and also learning about different cultures of the world sets the Global Village Park from the rest. Some of the biggest attractions of this park are the fireworks display on Fridays and Thursday at 9 in the evening along with the parade every Fridays. The price for the tickets is reasonable at Dh15.

2. Ferrari World: This yet another theme park which attracts adults and kids alike. It is a great pace to bring the family for a weekend getaway. It is also one of those places which are very popular among the car enthusiasts. This is the forts and the only Ferrari theme park on the globe. The F1 themed rides and experiences are a great experience for almost anyone, irrespective of them being interested in motorsports. One ride which is worth a special mention in this regard is the roller coaster Formula Rossa, which is said to be the fastest ever roller coaster.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure: Almost all the kids these days as well as many of the adults are big fans of the marvel characters. It is therefore no surprise that the IMG Worlds of Adventure, which is the home to all the Marvel superheroes, is one of the most popular theme parks in the region. Apart from the Marvel heroes it also offers the Cartoon Network friends for the kids. The entire Avenger experience where one can take on Ultron with the help of the Black widow, Iron man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye is truly an experience to savor. However the img worlds of adventure tickets are not as affordable as some of the other theme parks in UAE. Here the cost of the tickets ranges about Dh300 on an average. However, the good news is that, if anyone books from websites like the then it is possible to get significant discounts on the tickets.

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