Day 12 – We tour Margaret River

Day 12 – We tour Margaret River
Yallingup, Australia

Yallingup, Australia

Todays Challenge – To visit five of Margaret Rivers top wineries.

Today is Deb’s birthday and we rise late as the wineries don’t open till 10 am. I offer Deb a champagne as we prepare to go down to the resort for breakfast. She declines saving herself for todays challenge.

We order a scrumptious breakfast and do a lap of the resort on their fitness walking track to work it off. On returning to our room Deb checks for birthday wishes and already has 17 messages. She feels special!

As we head off for the day it is overcast and starts to rain but this will not deter our plans. Our first stop is the township of Margaret River which is full of trendy stores and boasts 5 surf shops. It is here that we learn that our accommodation is named after a surf break at Windmills Beach.

Our next stop is Vasse Fellix Winery the very first to plant Shiraz grapes in the now famous wine growing region. This winery also produces one of our favorite reds. We partake in a wine tasting and Rod, the desi driver notes that we are not the only ones drinking at 10.00am.

Our next stop is Graylin Estate, a very small winery with a very big price tag, they boast to be the supplier of wine for Qantas First Class and their cheapest wine is $55 per bottle, Debi tastes their reds and we decline the offer to purchase. We then head to Evans & Tate which has a number of Rod’s favorite whites. We purchase a bottle of Champagne and Port. We drive another 5km and decide to try a winery called Flying Fish Cove, Debi tries their reds and Rod declines as he is saving himself for some beers that we will be sampling at our next stop.

It is now nearing lunch and Deb has decided she wants to try some pigs knuckles she has been reading about at Saracin Estate Winery and German Boutique Brewery. This is a fine complex set on the side of a large man made lake which is almost empty following six months without rain.

Filled to the hilt we have met todays challenge and return to our resort stopping to buy some chocolate, cheese, olives and crackers which we intend to have for supper.

Before retiring Deb checks the mobile again and has a whole lot more birthday wishes. She hits the sack a very happy girl.

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