We had an uneventful flight to London where we stayed for 2 days. The first day we slept an embarrassingly long time. So just got up for dinner and then went back to bed, The next day we did go out and walked around and got Dennis so new shoes and me a beautiful leather jacket. The same driver that brought us from the airport picked us up for the hotel and drove us to Southhampton where we boarded the ship. The embarkation was very smooth with no problems and we were quickly on the ship and in our room. We have a lovely Silver Suite with enough storage space to pack several more suitcases of clothes in.

This morning we are anchored at Fowey (pronounced FOY) which is in Eastern Cornwall. We are taking a short excursion this morning to see the countryside and ride on a steam powered train. Our bust goes through Rolling green hills dotted with sheep and cattle. Occasional small mountains of china clay debris. Cornwall is one of the worlds largest producers of china clay used to make porcelain.. Cornwall occupies the bottom third of England. Almost 90% of Cornwall is separated from England by a river. Cattle raising and sheep raising are now the main industries in addition to tourism. In the summer months Cornwall has about 2 million visitors . On the train we rode as far as the Bodmin Parkway where the track join the track of the major line. We had sconces, clotted cream and raspberry jam on the way. That was washed down with very good hot tea.

Tomorrow its off to Cork or Cobh as they spell it..


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