On a new site today, decided to try the showers then have a wander around the area.

Looking in the shower block we were suspicious they were any good, as there was no water on the floor to indicate they had been used today. ????

So, stripping off and tentatively stepping in, we found it was absolutely freezing cold water!…We could actually hear each others screams over the dividing wall. 

To make matters worse, as you let go of the button to turn the water on..it stops again! So you can’t even get wet without holding onto the button!

At this point Jánine decided it wasn’t for her and she was going to use the shower in Doris. 

I ended up cleaning as best I could then jumping out to get warm again.

Once back in the safety of Doris and slightly warmer again we decided to get a load of clothes washing done at the other end of the site.

We get there to find there’s a new looking building with solar panels on the roof and pvc doors and windows, hmmm…hang on a minute, let’s take a quick look inside…yes, they have showers with hot running water! And the floors wet everywhere from use…doh

I know where I’m going for a shower in the morning!????


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