Skipping stones- personal best 6 jumps
Loving nature and hugging trees
Lake Ouachita
Garvan Woodland Gardens
Lake Ouachita State Park

Deeply unadventurous and running out of ideas. Afraid of bad weather and expensive flights. Unprepared for physical exertion but wanting the most out of every trip. In search of good food but vegetarian. Loved that thanksgiving was a day off- but most restaurants were closed. Did not trust airbnb but loved the ambience.

Location: Hot Springs, AK

Highlight: Constipation followed by uncontrolled diarrhea (only twice)

Overrated: Eagle watch tour- did not see a single eagle or nest

Underrated: Got to hold a baby alligator, holiday lights

Never done before: Public hot pool bath

Conjugal incidents: Chain reaction lube- will never forget that night. As in it was awful. Will not use it ever again.

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