It’s a revelation!…it might seem fairly obvious to the motor caravaners out there, but last night I realised the toilet seat actually rotates. ????

To the vertically challenged this might not seem like a big deal at all, but for those of us who wish certain things were just that little bit bigger, it can mean all the difference. 

For example, when I sit on our throne in Doris, my right leg is resting on the bathroom radiator, which if it’s cold can be freezing and when the heating is on, I can’t rest my leg on it at all without being burnt.  

My left leg however, is either inside the shower tray or so close to the right leg that all circulation is stopped.  Bear in mind that all of the above is in conjunction with the toilet bowl not perhaps being quite as large as it could be and I’m sitting on it at an angle which does not help matters in the least. 

So, with the ability to swivel the seat round a touch, I can now safely place my right leg away from the radiator and my left leg in the shower tray, all while pointing the seat in the same direction I’m facing…yay! ????


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