turbos tales

The saga continues new floor new toilet yeah. sitting at Duke Point waiting for the 545 so long Vancouver Island hello parts east. The rig with car in tow 56′ long 13′ high stay out of my way people.

In the words of our pastor Brian Robertson my doodling will be as follows we are stopped at a weight scale just before Hope I dont know if we are allowed but this is where we are staying the night so goodnight and pleasant dreams to you all. Hopefully we wont get kick out of here.

An update from Donahue’s doodles aka Turbo’s tales. Thanks to the coffee group for the Turbo nick name. So we left the ferry at 8:00 pm made sure it was docked first lol. We were looking for the rest stop just before Hope. But i was tired so we pulled into the scales and spent an uneventful but noisy night there. The scale was closed and Willey said they aren’t usually open on Sunday he was wrong the trucks started rolling through about 6 am Cindy she heard someone walking around the MH around the same time so we had breakfast and took sasha for a walk then left. Arrived in Merritt around 915. We met Berni Dave Wright at the church, it was a wonderful service just for us great worship and a great word. We filled up with water met 80 year old named Jane who is getting mariried next Sunday Cindy gave her a tour of the MH and we talked about when the Lord is in something he always provides the means and way we said our goodbyes and left for Kamloops.


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