Copenhagen Chronicles – Denmark 1


Ok so where to start. Well I got a hell of a cold, and am trying to muscle through the orientation phase. So I went to the 7 11, and asked if they had medicine, and the guy showed us to the magazines. Maybe he’s on to something, maybe Vogue is the cure for the common cold. I went to a Danish pharmacy only to find DayQuill does not exist here. I was given three separate boxes of stuff, none them ended in Quill. Bummer. We went to the studios today, and I found out i am in the wood program. We are in the concepting phase of our process. Next Thursday we start on on our travel tour. I live in a suburb outside of town called Albertslund, in a dorm like place called a Denmarks International kollegium. A kollegium is one part dorm, one part apartment, and one part commune. I have my own bathroom, but I share a kitchen. There is ping pong, a weight room, and a suana. Albertslund is like a village made from strip malls. I’ll send photos. The last couple of days have been like camp, but I’m hoping once I get the hang of the city, and the public transit it will be pretty cool. My train to school is about 30 minutes.So far that is the only train I know how to take.

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Hey Maya, We miss you at our Saturday night Gigs! So have you created any prtotypes yet.

31 Jul 2007
Love the blog. Have fun Mom

12 Jul 2007
Hey Maya…I can’t tell you how jealous I am that you get to have this incredible experience, it has to be exciting to see furniture other than the stuff at ID! I always wanted to do the “furniture” thing but this “Interiors” thing has gotten in the way, I guess I will have to live my dream out through you. Take some great pictures and throw them on here, dying to see what your seeing. Everyone is cool at ID, things have really stepped up…..we miss you! Stay cool and stay in touch. Greg

12 Jul 2007
Rina Kizilos
We too are glad you are feeling better. How fun traveling to all the cities. Hope you are taking pictures and getting some great inspiration!
Rina and boys

11 Jul 2007
it sounds so exciting! i can’t wait to hear more!

10 Jul 2007
glad you are feeling better maya! last night i dreamed we were in our old apartment and mama J was cooking for us. the windows in the kitchen broke and fell down to the pavement however and i had to call TED. ha! you must tell me all about the swedish homeland 🙂 i am jealous!stay well!

07 Jul 2007
glad you arrived safe and sound maya! get well soon!

06 Jul 2007
Rock On, we miss you darling…I hope you feel better soon!@Palabra,

05 Jul 2007
Cate Christenson
Hi Maya! I hope you feel better soon! Something that is very easy to find in Europe (I usually stock up when I’m over there because it is much cheaper there than in the US) is Boiron Oscillococcinum, which is a homeopathic remedy for colds and flu. It works great! Power on, girl! Looking forward to seeing some pictures and hearing more. cc

05 Jul 2007
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