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We finally made it to Merida after an extensive stay on a rasta beach. It was so fun we just could not leave. We met a couple of girls from new york and decided to pool our resources to make the room cheaper. We ended up paying about $2 a night for a nice little place. The beach was gorgeous and we climbed mountains that looked out over the surrounding beaches. We also found this cave where there were little sea creatures chillin out. We went there 2 days in a row to watch the sun rise. There were tons of artists that would hang out on the board walk sort of place right against the water and we went there to play hacki sack and meet people. There were people from all over the world. My favorites were a couple of colombians, an argentine, and the four dudes I am travelling with now. 2 are from spain and the other two from belgium. Nicole, my travel partner headed to the amazon on this planned trip that I didnt want to pay for. It makes more sense to stay here where I am meeting people to interview. My professor lives here and I am trying to get in contact with him today. Its a really beautiful mountainous city and we are planning day trecks to hot springs and up in a tram. Last night, on the over night bus, we went through this area called los llanos and there was nonstop lightning. I remember that someone had told me about it before but it was super impressive. It litterally woke me up because of all the flashing light in the distance. Well, I also may have been awoken by the severe cold of the bus – for some reason they keep the AC super high all night long. Ill stay posted on how my interviews go, but other than that I think its going to be a chill time here in MERIDA:

hasta luego amores

Posted from Venezuela:

posted Tuesday July 2007